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Teaching, Learing, Technology and Personalization is a presentation I first gave this past June for our West Vancouver Administrators Association, and have since used with several other groups.  It was my first effort to try to pull together some of the ideas about “21st century learning” and “personalized learning” which  have become the great buzz words in our profession.

This summer at the BCSSA Summer Leadership Academy, Superintendent of Achievement Rod Allen, and Deputy Minister of Education James Gorman shared an update from the BC Ministry of Education on their learning agenda, which outlined a system that was clearly focussed on increased personalization.

This presentation, in turn, has given some new life to my presentation from June.  This past week, Vancouver Sun Education Reporter, Janet Steffanhagen, Vancouver Board of Education Chair Patti Bacchus and others have shared my presentation on Twitter.    After sitting quietly for the summer, several days this past week the site has had over 100 visitors.

The wiki is quite dense and worthy of several separate blog posts but I am thrilled that it might help spark conversations about the future of schooling in B.C.

I have heard it described we have a once in a generation chance to look at education in our province.  We need to have lots of discussion to make sure we 1) don’t miss a great opportunity and 2) get it right.

While I am not as excited by it as some, this video from New Brunswick’s Department of Education, which is part of the wiki, seems to be generating a lot of enthusiasm:

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