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In a recent session with Al Bertani and Jane Creasy from the Innovation Unit (out of the United Kingdom) they shared a 21st Century Leadership Framework for transformation based on work outcomes from The Hay Group.   What I liked about the Framework is that it isn’t just a business model adopted for education, but an education model that aligns with the system transformation currently being widely discussed around the world.   Here is a summary slide of the key competencies:

Each of the nine areas are further broken down into three descriptors. I find these 27 points to be very helpful in self-assessment as I look at my own leadership.  It is also helpful to think of our team in the district, and the importance of the complimentary skills they bring to the table in covering these key areas. Below are the 27 descriptors as well as a rudimentary self-evaluation; points in green are what I see as areas of strength, red is for areas of growth:


•Engages others actively in co-defining the path to change
•Proactively builds strong relationships with peers and others
•Manages conflict and reconciles differences
•Develops a sense of urgency to stimulate action for transformation
•Communicates a clear and compelling sense of direction
•Generates enthusiasm and commitment in others


•Maintains energy in driving the transformation process
•Sustains active engagement, and stays the course in the transformation process
•Calibrates the pace of transformation efforts to ensure progress
Confident and Courageous
•Believes they can make a difference as a leader
•Provides a forthright and accurate assessment of their own skills and abilities
•Challenges the status quo, even when it is personally risky to do so
•Manages their emotions in difficult situations
•Places problems and challenges into proper perspective
•Recovers rapidly after setbacks
Outward Facing
•Eager to learn and be exposed to new ideas
•Models tolerance, curiosity, and inquiry
•Actively seeks out connections, resources, and partnerships to support transformation efforts
Politically Astute
•Analyzes the motives and interests of constituencies and stakeholders
•Matches influence strategies for the circumstance and constituency
•Builds alliances and coalitions with individuals, groups, and organizations
Systems Thinker
•Sees connections between and among systems and sub-systems
•Conceptualizes trends, patterns, and issues across boundaries
•Demonstrates tolerance of ambiguity and uncertainty during the transformation process
Technologically Literate
•Effectively uses technology and a variety of social media to promote transformation
•Understands how to communicate and lead in a hyper-connected world
•Leverages creative approaches and designs using technology support
Whether a student, teacher or parent, it is important for each of us to look at what we bring to the table, be honest about our areas of strength, and build strong teams across roles and geography to lead system transformation.
In their recent book As One,  James Quigley and Mehrdad Baghai make the case that “our world is as much about cooperation as it is about conflict; as much about collaboration as competition. Yet our knowledge of collective behavior is still relatively slim.”
I have heard many presenters (including myself) exclaim that it is an exciting time to be in education. However, in leading system transformation, we need to bring collective action, capitalizing on our individual strengths to turn this excitement into something more tangible.

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